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The Dillon Group, Inc. creates and operates a house of brands that help organizations increase productivity and profitability and reduce employee turnover and disengagement through construction training, business & entrepreneurship education, research & analysis, media production, leader development, and Quality Management.

Brett Dillon, our founder and CEO, created The Dillon Group, Inc. in 2014 to put into action his long-held belief that the people in an organization are the only strategic, sustainable competitive advantage that organization has. It’s true of us…and it’s true of you.

“The single biggest way to impact an organization is to focus on leadership development. There is almost no limit to the potential of an organization that recruits good people, raises them up as leaders and continually develops them.”

John C. Maxwell

Artificial Intelligence is a fancy way to say “computer program” and it is only as good as the people who program it…and it often reflects the hidden biases that people have.

Strategy has to be executed by people who understand the meaning behind what they do, or it is doomed to failure…and strategy without execution is a waste of resources that results in a dusty playbook.

Technology will always fail you, and will always fail when you can least afford it.

The only strategic sustainable competitive advantage your organization has are the people who work there.

People motivated to do really good work by your organization’s purpose will reliably kick your competition to the curb…when they are provided the right resources…and unnecessary constraints are removed.

“The purpose of an organization is to enable ordinary human beings to do extraordinary things.”

Peter F. Drucker

Our practice of organizational development is just that: our practice. We don’t just theorize about how things should be— we deliberately practice those elements that are supported by evidence. We take a free-thinking approach to everything we do for our clients, one that is deeply rooted in how their world actually works.

In his book Millennials! Your Secret Weapon to Kick Ass in the Marketplace, Brett outlined the evidence-based approach to tap into the greatest resource you have: your people.

If you face productivity problems, profitability challenges, high employee turnover, or decreased engagement— we are here to help you!

“Companies don’t have one culture. They have as many as they have supervisors or managers. You want to build a strong culture? Hold every manager accountable for the culture that he or she builds.”

Marcus Buckingham

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