“The business enterprise has two— and only these two— basic functions: marketing and innovation”

Peter Drucker

We deliver insights and integrated market communications to small and medium enterprises.

From strategy to tactics, we provide the full service you need to improve clarity and profits in this volatile, uncertain, chaotic, and ambiguous world.

Our Provocative Insights team helps you:

  • understand the arena you compete in
  • identify your market
  • segment your market
  • identify your target market
  • identify the potential market value
  • figure out your competitive landscape
  • identify the best communication channels for your organization
  • create your winning value proposition
  • design your business model for profit
  • analyze your solution-problem fit
  • analyze your offering-market fit
  • analyze your business model fit
  • deeply understand how you create value for your customers
  • develop offerings for target markets through sustaining and disruptive innovations

Our Skaldic Media team helps you:

  • communicate your value to your market and stakeholders through integrated marketing communications
  • produce channel-appropriate communications for awareness and conversion

Unlike our untrained competitors who only know tactics like digital and social, we have deep understanding of marketing as a holistic discipline that requires strategy first, then tactics.

We can help you a little…

Or a lot! 

It all depends on your needs and your budget.

We are trained by Prof. Mark Ritson, Drayton Bird, Andy Bounds, and Prof. Byron Sharp (among others).

We blend evidence-based practices with the street smarts of an entrepreneur to deliver what you need…

Which may not be what you want.

If you knew how to get the results we do, why the hell are you looking for a marketing company?

Stop wasting time and money on well-meaning and ignorant amateurs!

Hire the professionals who get it done…

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