How Does the Coaching Process Solve Your Problems?

Before I tell you how the coaching process can solve your problems, I need to do something else first.
I need to dispel myths about professional coaching.

It is not training. True coaches don’t tell you what to do, except in rare circumstances and only with your permission. How can a professional coach help you solve your problems if they don’t teach you how to do something?

It is not mentoring. A professional coach doesn’t look over your shoulder. A professional coach doesn’t nit-pick your mistakes. And a professional coach doesn’t tell you when you are wrong. How can a professional coach help you solve your problems if they don’t tell you when you make mistakes and how to correct them?

It is not therapy. A professional coach does not explore your past seeking answers. The process assumes you are a complete person who is creative and full of potential. It doesn’t assume you are a broken thing that needs fixing. How can a professional coach help you solve your problems if they don’t search your past to discover the roots of your behavior?

The answer lies in the coaching process. This is a designed relationship focused on you. The focus is on your agenda, your goals, your definition of success, your purpose. The designed process assesses who you are today and who you want to become.

The coaching process brings you to an expanded awareness of your potential. We challenge you with questions. These questions cause you to think about your problems and possible solutions in a new way. What are the benefits of your expanded awareness of the nature of your problem and possible solutions? It allows you to make better choices, decisions that are thoughtful and take actions that are meaningful.

That’s the other part of the process. Professional coaches hold you accountable to execute the behavior you said you would—not what we think you should do, but what you said you would do.

That’s how the designed coaching process, delivered by a professional coach, helps you solve your problems.

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